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Utkalsoft Technologies is a young and professionally managed organization, is committed to the growth of IT awareness among the people of Orissa and is an effective IT solution provider to various small and middle enterprises in the Eastern India, to suit their changing needs. We develop a range of curricula for people with diverse requirements, from IT professionals needing advanced training to business managers seeking to develop a competitive edge.


Utkalsoft Technologies has providing high quality of software solutions and services using the state of the art techniques in the areas of Software Development, Systems Integration, Embedded Software, Product Development and E-Business.



Moreover, Passion for Technology, high energy, go-getter attitude, customer centric and commitment to excellence are the traits of a typical Techno softer. We, at Utkalsoft Technologies, have an unmatched commitment and focus to PSCQL: Process, Skill Set, Communication, Quality and Leadership. We believe that PSCQL is central to a project and in fact our success.
   Our Process :


Utkalsoft Technologies follows the key practice areas, Process focused software development allows us to finish projects on time, on budget and on customer's vision.
   Skill Set :


Our special focus on employee skill set and selective hiring process provides us with star performers in all cutting edge technologies. With this focus on skill set, Utkalsoft 's force usually is not struggling with new technologies trying to find a solution for customer's problem. Instead, Utkalsoft 's trained and capable software developers and web-designers pick the right solution out of many possible options.
   Communication :


We believe understanding and fulfilling the true needs of end users can provide a win-win situation for our clients and us. We, at Utkalsoft , use this to our advantage throughout the software development life cycle. We believe in filling communication gaps and we explore every option available to bridge offshore communication gaps. We use state of the art equipment with proven requirement elicitation techniques to gather information about task at hand. We use standard modeling techniques to convey requirement understanding and technical design decisions. During the course of projects, regularly, we hold, conferences, instant messaging sessions, and periodic status updates. We make sure that we effectively communicate and keep the customer informed about project schedules, progress and status.
   Quality :


At Utkalsoft Quality is not only SQA's responsibility, its responsibility of every developer. We believe that quality can only be achieved by commitment to excellence. We do not strive for just conformance to requirements. We make sure that all the requirements are actually what end users really need . We also make sure that all non functional attributes are given proper attention. And we make sure that our output is the best output possible. We religiously follow this mantra across the development life cycle.
   Leadership :


Leadership is the glue that puts all of the above together and provides a value proposition for our clients. We believe in leadership that gets the desired result. Get the quality job done in time, within budget .
    Our Strength :


Utkalsoft Technologies core strength is its people of rich technical skills in Microsoft Platform. Utkalsoft Technologies team has an in depth   understanding of the various business processes that are part of organizations. This experience of ours across industry domains is a source of strength, as it helps us effectively leverage our experience to add value to your existing processes and business needs. Utkalsoft’s consulting arm aims at providing a process backbone and framework for a business, concept or an idea so that quick and effective application development can be undertaken.


Our IT Consulting Division is focused to provide solutions in   the areas of Custom Application Development, Website Development, etc. We are  targeting to provide solutions for the needs of small and medium enterprises.Our technological capabilities enable us for quick implementation of competitive  new technologies for our customers and end users thereby reducing their marketing lead-time. Utkalsoft has a full-fledged development center in   Bhubaneswar, Kolkata to serve its client base.

    Technologies :


Utkalsoft Technologies is capable of managing the complexities of today's business, through analysis to provide best, fast, economic and effective solutions, catered to individual needs of our clients. We are well equipped with the latest technologies, enabling us to implement these as and when the need arises. We bring forward our "Select Team" to analyze, appraise the core areas and after proper testing and evaluation, the final outcome is communicated to the client in a clear and concise manner.


Following are few of the technologies that we specialize in -:


    Web Technologies (XML, Dot Net, HTML/DHTML, Websphere, WebLogic, IIS, etc.)
    Client/Server Technologies (C#, Visual Basic, Developer 2000 etc)
    Databases design, development and administration (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL)
  Quality Assurance Technologies